What We Do

Money Natters is a boutique firm specialising in assisting clients with a range of financial, family and business matters; working together with you to achieve more favourable and timely outcomes.

Save time and distress and reduce the major costs usually associated with collating the information requested for divorce/separation or other complex matters. We can help you find the information and present it to a third party – usually a solicitor or Centrelink.

If your personal paperwork and household accounts are in a jumble, we can help you understand and take control of them, setting them up to be easy to use and maintain. Or pehaps the paperwork jungle is that of your loved one who has passed away or is entering aged care. Money Natters can help!

Legal and Financial Providers: We support your clients so you can achieve time-effective results. We offer an affordable solution, working alongside professionals and clients, assisting clients with finding information, meeting preparation, document collection, and providing additional support at court when required.

The Money Natters Team also delivers Financial Literacy Education. Go to our Upcoming Events page https://goo.gl/msha8e to see the classes we offer through community-based providers, if you prefer learning in a group.

Money Natters – if times are difficult, engage us as your Personal Assistant!