We are very sorry to hear of your partner’s death.

Unfortunately, when someone dies, a lot of work is required to finalise the estate matters. One important matter is to ascertain if there are any Superannuation policies in the name of the deceased and if so, is there any insurance cover attached to those Super funds. You should also see if there are any stand-alone policies (ie. policies outside of Super) in the deceased’s name as well. These important matters are often overlooked – especially if the deceased was not that neat and organised, making it hard to sort through it all.

Money Natters can help you and your family with this. We will methodically go through the paperwork to find any policies that may be there. With your authority, we can then approach the Superannuation fund or insurance company to begin the process of claiming the benefit on behalf of the estate.

Let us deal with the practical matters whilst you are grieving.

Call Money Natters on 0411 956 614 or email us on info@moneynatters.com.au. 

Have fun and keep smiling – Aunt Sue