Finding it hard to deal with your Insurer, Super Fund or Centrelink?

Eliminate the stress and let Money Natters help you to find, organise and pass on the information to third parties.

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financial literacy for women


Household, bereavement, separation, insurance, business… we do it all. For exceptional support and inspired mentoring, look no further.

financial workshops for women


Our clients are the reason we do what we do and we are humbled by them. Don’t take our word for it, hear what they have to say.

financial consulting for women


We have a range of exciting workshops, courses and speaking engagements for all your financial needs. Find out which one is right for you.

financial consulting for women

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Let Money Natters reduce your stress and help to keep your cases moving along, by supporting your distressed clients to maintain their focus on the practical matters required by you.

Latest news from the blog ‘Ask Aunt Sue’

Funeral Costs

Do you have a looming family funeral and worry about the cost? You are right to have an eye on the practical issues, as you don't want any nasty financial surprises when you are dealing with anxiety or grief. Funeral costs can be broadly broken down into: the cost of...

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Christmas – It’s All About Time And Tradition

Did you ever wonder how people who are in a bad place financially still manage to enjoy Christmas? It can be done, and in fact all our research indicates that the more money that is spent at Christmas the less it is usually enjoyed. That’s because Christmas is about...

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Our Challenge: Save $500 In 6 weeks

Aarrgh! Christmas is just around the corner and extra dosh is needed! Designed to be doable on a fortnightly pay scheme, this plan will give your Christmas coffers just the boost they need. Deposit this amount into your (non-accessible) savings account: Week 1       ...

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