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financial consulting for women

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Let Money Natters reduce your stress and help to keep your cases moving along, by supporting your distressed clients to maintain their focus on the practical matters required by you.

Latest news from the blog ‘Ask Aunt Sue’

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance – TPD

Image by Matt Artz on Unsplash, with thanks. Many of us have TPD insurance within our Super policy. Have you looked at yours? You can check your Superannuation statement to find out if you have it. TPD insurance is one of the most complicated covers you can own and...

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Risk Profile and Your Super

Investing can be risky, and some investments are riskier than others, that’s why understanding your risk profile and your attitude to risk is important to your decision-making in investing. Even if you don’t plan to become an individual investor, within your Super you...

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A Christmas Carol – The Moral Of The Story

A Christmas Carol – The Moral Of The Story

A mean-hearted old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge is asked to donate to a charity for very poor people, on Christmas Eve. Scrooge sends the collectors away with a flea in their ears, and complains to his assistant, Bob Cratchit, that he will have to pay Bob for the following...

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