Separation or divorce, regardless of sex or marital status, can become complicated. Whether or not legal professionals are engaged, we can reduce the stress by assisting you to collate information and coordinate the required documents. We can also support you through lawyer appointments and court hearings, as well as assist you to take control of your personal finances following separation, if desired. Following partnership breakdowns, we work together with you towards your goal of the most favourable and timely outcome possible.


The death of a loved one is a highly emotional time, and the stress that comes from finalising the many financial and legal matters that follows only elevates tension. We offer a unique and empathic service, taking care of all the important paperwork and phone calls so you don’t have to do it. We know the right questions to ask, and can communicate with all relevant third parties on your behalf, including banks, utility providers, lawyers, superannuation funds, and more, with the aim of coordinating a less stressful and timely finalisation of household business matters.


Insurance claims are complicated at the best of times. We assist in claims for income protection, trauma, life, health, business, home, disability, and more, speaking on your behalf with insurance companies or your superannuation fund to lodge and finalise all relevant information and paperwork. Third parties often require a tremendous amount of evidence and information before claims are even considered, let alone approved: the Money Natters Team knows the questions to ask and the information to provide, in the way they require it, to assist you towards your aim of a timely and favourable outcome.


Are you overwhelmed by overflowing bookwork and e-bookwork at home, and don’t know where to start? Whether you are already in charge of the domestic bookkeeping, or have found yourself unexpectedly tasked with the job, we collate and organise all your financial matters so they’re easy to manage, locate and understand. By centralising all your household paperwork and educating you on invoices, statements, terminology and fees, you can take back control of your day-to-day finances with confidence.


Owning your own business can be stressful. Partnerships may sour and legal proceedings can occur. Our business service is here to help when your options are limited, being your voice of reason in complicated circumstances. Whether you wish to part ways with your business partner, or you are faced with an unwelcome grievance or lawsuit, we can mediate and support you through the process, coordinating the relevant financial and legal paperwork.


Whatever your reason for seeing a legal professional, if you are overwhelmed by legal terminology, staggering fees, daunting court hearings and complicated documents, we alleviate stress and save time by coordinating much of the necessary information and supporting you through the whole process. We can attend lawyer appointments with you and court hearings if required, acting as your personal assistant and deciphering the often complex information for you. For favourable and timely outcomes, our affordable service will reduce legal fees and save a considerable amount of stress.