Testimonials from the Group Mentoring for Small Business Owners (in conjunction with YREC and Cire Services):

The best things about this group were: the support from Sue – her knowledge and valuable information; and the fantastic friendly group. “

Catherine, Warburton

“Sue is engaging, passionate, inclusive and fun.”

Donna, Launching Place

“I particularly enjoyed the camaraderie and support from Sue and the group.

Siera, Yarra Junction

My husband and I were so lucky to meet up with Sue when we were making decisions regarding superannuation and providing a pension for me. Sue always managed to make me feel comfortable chatting about money and how to manage it to best advantage. Sue’s clear and simple, everyday language meant that the processes were demystified and not cloaked in terms that were jargonistic. It was necessary sometimes to explain things in a few different ways until all became clear. Sue’s patience and willingness to ensure we both understood what was needed before decisions were made was so important to us. Thank you, Sue for helping us through the potential mine-field and delivering us safely to a happy and fulfilling retirement.


This course was the best investment I could have ever made – investing in myself.

It was excellent, providing a safe, non-judgemental environment to ask questions and be informed of relevant and concise information. It was extremely well run, professional, informative and customised to the participants needs. Sue’s enthusiasm for her field of expertise adds great energy to the sessions. As Sue also shared some of her own personal experience, there was trust on both sides and we all had a laugh too.

My personal epiphany was when I realised I was self-sabotaging myself by continually putting small items on my credit card that I really didn’t need to, resulting in never being out of debt no matter how small.

Now I can make educated decisions about where my money is going and how to explore investment options that are right for me. As a single lady of 50, I’ve little to show for 30 years of working to support myself in the future but I now have greater knowledge of where I can make safe changes to improve my situation now.

There were lots of things I just didn’t know so I wasn’t sure what to ask or to where to find out. Sue’s provided so much information and resources that will continue to be provided to support and knowledge for everyone who attended.

This course is an amazing opportunity and in my opinion is a ‘must-do’ for everyone. Please don’t leave it until you’re 50 like I did. Thanks so much Sue for sharing your wealth of knowledge (pardon the pun) and for going that extra mile too.



You know the old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”?  This seminar series certainly proved that to be true. Sue is a talented presenter, who calmly unravels the mysteries of financial wellbeing in an engaging and welcoming environment. I now know what I didn’t know and now I know it!  Thanks Sue. I will definitely be attending the advanced series and highly recommend Money Natters to anyone who wants to take charge of their financial security.

Mt Evelyn

On July 21st I attended my first workshop on Insurance, Wills and Power of Attorneys with Sue West, the co-founder of Money Natters educating women on money. Sue carries a wealth of knowledge in the finance industry with over 30 years’ experience in various areas of finance.

In the past I have been an individual who has avoided paperwork and money matters finding it all too confusing and complicated. To my delight I was able to understand everything Sue was talking about, she explained everything in easy terms. Sue’s knowledge and understanding of where many women are at around money concerns was amazing. I felt relaxed, well informed and comfortable when asking questions. Our group also had fun and a laugh, I really enjoy woman supporting woman, it is one of my highest values as it is for Money Natters. I’m really looking forward to our next sessions together.

I would highly recommend Sue West to anyone who wants and needs, to learn more about one of their most precious resources, money!



Sue is amazing. She not only looked at the financial cost of my finances, but the emotional and health cost as well. After two meetings with Sue, I feel confident, empowered and in control, for the first time in eleven years. That was eleven years of feeling financially entrapped. I cannot thank Sue enough. As I said, Sue is amazing.

Mt Evelyn